The Short History of MPCR

MPCR, or Mega-Poke Chat Realm, is a place where you can freely chat about MegaMan and Pokemon, all you want. When this forum started on October 27, not many people came, and it was pretty boring setting everything up. But pretty soon, when I started linking the site from my YouTube videos, it became more popular, and now there's almost a flood of members coming to MPCR. After that episode, invented an arcade for MPCR, which attracted many guests, but not members. And so, I thought, why not make a redirection link only members could see? Now, all the guests who came before registered, told others, and those people registered too. When tayo-sama made the advertisement for Mega-Poke Chat Realm up on YouTube, more and more members were joining.

Then, after the forum kicked off, Timaeus started making a home page, hosting all sorts of things, like FAQs, tutorials, free avatars, and so on. Since then, Timaeus has expanded on the idea and the home page is now one of the fastest loading websites in the world for its content. Now, there are lots of available benefits to surfing MPCR: downloads, free avatars, cheats, music, and more! Overall, the cheats and downloads pages are loaded, so definitely check that out! The Flash Games are pretty fun too, so share them with your kids!